Mustang Juno

Juno, a bay 6 year old mare, became part of our family in December 2006 when we brought her home from the BLM in Ridgecrest in California.

Before owning Juno, my English trained Thoroughbred show horse who we had to put down due to a broken leg at the age of 26 a month before we got her, was shy of his ears being touched, dragged me from place to place, as well as, being eager to run everywhere, and feared falling and getting hurt in the trailer. Juno was my first horse to train and start from scratch and I did not want her to have any of the issues I faced when handling my Thoroughbred.

Today, she resembles the horse I wanted. Calm, social, reasonable, following, partner, and loving. This is how every horse should be… comfortable in their own skin anywhere they go and with anyone they meet.

It is my mission to help other to do the same. Bring a mustang into their lives and develop the confidence that they too can have the relationship with a mustang that I have.