Horsemanship Academy

We believe that every horse should have a dedicated human and lifelong proper care.  

Our mustangs are available for you to be their human while learning the fundamentals of horsemanship. 

We offer monthly lesson packages and leasing opportunities.

How does it work?

New students may attend a trial lesson and then choose to sign up for a monthly membership. 

A student may become eligible to lease a horse in addition to lessons once a level of independence is practiced.

$280 Monthly Student Membership

Choose either a combination of the following:

Option A • 4 On-Site Lessons

Option B • 2 On-Site Lessons & a Beach Trail Ride Adventure

$280 Monthly Horse Lease

In addition to monthly lessons, students can choose one of our horses to lease on a month to month basis to practice what is taught in lessons.

This is a limited use lease with the notion to have access to a horse, equipment and coach present, to practice what is learned in lessons only. Schedule horse lease sessions up to 3 times per week. 

Leased horses may be used in lessons with other students outside of the time reserved by the lessor.