🗣️ Testimonials

A Few Words From Our Current UMA Students...

Annette M.

“To me, horsemanship is about helping your horse be better. And when we do that, we become better horseman as well. UMA has taught me patience and focus, among other valuable life skills. On top of that, horses are also a bunch of fun!” -Annette M., 14

“Horsemanship is learning how to have a relationship with your horse on more levels than just work. Building a bond with that horse from the ground that affects your riding up in the saddle. UMA has taught me that horses are more than just partners, they’re also friends. UMA is a horse family, a place where I can just be myself, surrounded by friends and the creatures I love. Anyone who is considering lessons should definitely give it a try, because not only do you learn horse skill, but you learn fundamental communication skills that help you be the best person you can be. Also, uh, horses!” -Cielle M., 13

Cielle M.
Sonora C.

“To me, horsemanship means learning how to see and respond to signals that a horse is giving you. Also it is learning how what you do affects the horses actions and how to send signals that make sense to the horse and change their actions. UMA has taught me how to do this and help me have an overall better understanding and relationship with a horse. The time I have spent there has made me more observant to the little details not just in horseback riding but in life in general. Thank you UMA I have had a great time with the horses!” -Sonora C., 13

“In my experience of riding, I’ve met all different horses, and each and every one of them are different. There are all sorts of breeds, from thoroughbreds, to mustangs, with all different colors, from blue roan, red roan, appaloosa, pinto, to palomino, and bay. From black manes to white manes. And most important of all, all sorts of personalities, some are energetic, some are lazy, some have bouncy trots, some have smooth trots, and some have fast but smooth trots. All horses are different, but all have one thing in common, they are horses, and they deserve love and to have a home.” -Aria, 9