Home is where the horse is.

We teach the “Basic Handle” set forth by the late and great, Monte Foreman who is the father of modern day horsemanship. He was a horse scientist and contributed his life’s efforts to the research of how horses moved in response to the rider and continually developed a method of move basics that every horse and rider should be able to perform. He believed in using humane equipment and developed the “Balance Ride” saddles along with the “versatile humane Pelham” featuring a drop back curb strap loop and other innovations. We use this equipment that so few seem to know about today. And those who do and fully understand it’s purposes are among the enlightened community.

You were lead here because the traditional styles and methods are not for you and you know that there is more to horsemanship than disciplines and fads. What we develop here is a true understanding of the horse and how to work to get better results by working with mother natures law. You cannot change what a horse is, you have to work with it. It is not about putting a horse in a human world, it is about a human going into a horse world. The knowledge and wisdom to know the difference is what makes a great horseman.

We are located in Arroyo Grande, California and currently have 8 school horses; 6 mustangs and 2 quarter horses. We will show you what a horse is and how he thinks and operates. We will show you versatile and efficient equipment. We will go on an adventure to the Central Coast beaches and trails. We may even go to a few local horse competitions just to get out of our backyard and have some fun. However, we do not focus on competitions, we focus on the journey that our horse takes us on.

  1. Schedule an orientation date and first lesson request.
  2. Check out our services and learn about our extended “horse lab” program.
  3. Attend your orientation with your filled out forms and proper attire.
  4. Attend your first lesson in horse handling science.
United Mustangs of America is an amazing horsemanship riding school. The people are amazing and the environment is very supportive! Monica Knight is an amazing trainer with lots of love for what she does. The mustangs are wonderful to work with, I’ve been riding since 2018 with Monica Knight and I love working with the people, and learning so much about how to be the best horseman I can be. I highly recommend UMA if you have strong passion for horses!
Home Slice
Home Slice
May 21, 2024
I love riding at UMA. It has taught me so much about horse handling science. I love the community just as much; the people are so kind and welcoming. I would highly recommend riding at UMA.
Lily Meek
Lily Meek
August 27, 2023
I would highly recommend taking lessons with United Mustangs of America! I’ve learned so much about mustangs and horse handling science from Monica!
November 7, 2022
I highly recommend lessons with Monica! I learned so much and had a lot of fun working with mustangs. I definitely want to have a mustang someday!
Roxie Mieles
Roxie Mieles
March 22, 2019

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