We are United Mustangs of America! 47,000+ wild horses have lost their freedom and remain in government holding corrals in 10 western states. Our mission is to create homes for these mustangs. We adopt them from the BLM and train them ourselves.

Our coach Monica O. Krause is dedicated to our development in horsemanship. She believes that learning how to train wild horses makes great horseman.

Come work with our rescued Mustangs. These lucky horses are a few that have found a home. If you love horses, come see the mustangs.


Train wild horses and learn horsemanship in the process.


To empower people and get mustangs out of BLM holding facilities into qualified homes.


We pick out one lucky mustang from the Ridgecrest BLM holding facility to become part of our mustang family.


Education that makes a difference. One mustang at a time. We have a mustang at our education center where you can learn hands on how to train a horse from wild to mild.


We also have Monica’s trained mustangs to learn basic horse handling and riding.

Become part of the solution! Call Coach Monica O. Krause today! 805.709.4663

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