Working with Taser (March 20, 2012)

Creating a solid horse with lots of Friendly Game and sacking Taser out with saddle pad and rope acting as a girth. Notice I slap the pad and pull on the “cinch” 5 times and then reward him with a release. This gives him the opportunity to turn me off by putting up with it for 5 reps.

Then I move to pick up his feet. Notice how I move his leg in small circling motions when bringing it back down. I do this to ease him back down to the ground instead of me just dropping his leg after picking it up. This process helps Taser relax when having his feet being held. I also tap the feet mimicking what the Farrier may do with his trimming tools.

We end with the Driving Game starting with moving the hind quarters and then the forehand. The Driving Game according to Parelli “teaches your horse to yield from rhythmic pressure without touching him.”

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Monica O. Krause
United Mustangs of America

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