Down the Golden Trail BBQ Fundraiser

“Adventures & Safety For Mustangs and Horsemanship Students”

United Mustangs of America is asking for your help! Our horsemanship students are in need of a larger rig to haul horses to events and adventures with friends. Currently, our coach has a two horse trailer, so she can only take one student off of the property at a time. This stretches her super thin by trying to accommodate taking all of us to local events and trails during the month. A larger rig that can accommodate our seven horses would also be very helpful to us incase of an emergency evacuation. We want to have the proper equipment to fully care for and enjoy our horses in addition to enhancing our horsemanship education.

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We Want to Meet You!

There you can meet our coach Monica O. Krause, her horses and us, her students! We will be presenting ourselves with horses while you stop by and enjoy good food.

During the event, you will meet our coach Monica O. Krause, the herd of Mustangs, and horsemanship students. You will also learn why our horsemanship school is unique and unlike any other on the central coast and you will learn why Monica and her students work exclusively with Americas Wild Horses.


You will also get to see us working one on one with the horses demonstrating what we have learned from Monica’s instruction. Purchase your BBQ Meal Tickets now! And share with you friends! Thank you and we are looking forward to meeting you!

Our Goal

~ Truck and 4 Horse Trailer ~

UMA is looking for a Featherlite gooseneck 4 horse trailer with no ramp. And so we don’t put the cart before the horse, we are looking to purchase a 3500 Dodge Ram, dual cab, 4×4, with an 8’ bed.

We are only asking for enough money to purchase a used version of both the truck and trailer. Any year of these models (or equivalent) that are sound and reasonably available will become the final products of our fundraising efforts.

~ Enjoy tasty options by Phil’s Catering Services. Meal options are per person. ~

P.S. The event will be conducted in respects to masking and spacing during Covid times.

Stay safe and stay well!

Please share!

UMA Student Interviews

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Other Ways You Can Support Us

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