Teaching Taser to Pick Me Up at the Fence (May 30 2012)

In this video I am teaching Taser to pick me up from the fence. At this point I am not riding him, but instead teaching him what to do when it is time to be ridden.

The method used here is like the Driving Game “that teaches the horse to yield from rhythmic pressure without touching him,” according to Parelli. However, in this case, we want Taser to move towards the rider instead of away as in the usual version of the Driving Game. We use the same mantra of (1) Lead, (2) Lift, (3) Swing, (4) Touch as taught to me by Robin Shen. In this video, Taser does so well that you will only see me escalate to the first mantra, which is lead.

Upon using the mantra, I do not escalate to the next level if Taser is making guesses on what I am asking from him. If he stops responding, I move to the next level and so forth. As long as he is making guesses, even if it is wrong, I do not escalate. The important part is that I release when he makes the right guess, one step at a time. That is his cue that he did the right action.

Once Taser has moved close enough to the fence where I could easily mount him, I then begin to play the Friendly Game just by touching him and putting my body weight on him without asking anything from him. This simulates the mounting process. Notice how he stands still and does not move a foot when I put my weight on him and slide off pushing next to him. Solid horse!

In the next video you will whitness how Taser does with accepting the saddle.

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Monica Krause

United Mustangs of America

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