Meet Taser, America’s Wild Horse Advocates Project Mustang

Welcome Taser!

We are overjoyed to receive America’s Wild Horse Advocates‘ project mustang to develop from wild mustang to Public Service horse.  His name is Taser, and this gelding is our first to document.


Taser was born in 2005 on the Tule Lake wild horse range in northern California. He was chosen by expert trainers for his size and temperament. Since living with us, we can report that he is a reasonable and calm horse.


A.W.H.A. adopted Taser as an ambassador to represent (to the general public) the unique qualities of the few remaining wild horses,  whose ancestors have contributed so much to America over the past several centuries. To them, he is still a Wild Horse – Born Wild and Free!  And wish he still was.

However, due to the continued round ups by the BLM, there are now thousands of these wild horses in holding facilities who are facing being put on the menu, illness and/or possible neglect; it is our plan share his journey to become a trustworthy partner for the Public Services along with our journey in training him. Our intention is to inspire potential new horse owners to consider mustang adoption. We hope that by showing you the process will melt way any extreme fears that may arise when making the decision to bring a wild horse for an equine partner into your life. Join us on our journey with Taser and build confidence that you can do the same on your own.


Thank you A.W.H.A. for entrusting us with your famed ambassador mustang and your approval to share the process.

United Mustangs of America



Monica & Matthew Krause

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  1. That is so wonderful, what you’re doing for the beautiful wild horses!!! Taser is gorgeous…we can’t wait to see more pics and hear how he’s doing! Thank you for standing up for these wonderful animals!!!

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