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We Won Luna!!!

My Winning Day, A Lunicorn Story

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BIG Thank You to all of Our Supporters!

We could not have done this without you! We are truly humbled by everyones love and belief in us. Luna is one lucky mustang who is well loved by her trainer, students and everyone here. With your support we were able to place a winning bid on Luna. It was quite worrisome up to the last minute, but we prevailed! Again, thank you!

Congratulations to All Prize Winners!

If you missed it, we have done the prize drawing on November 11th LIVE on instagram. Click here to view the livestream. 

All winners have been contacted. 

Why Love4Luna

“We have watched our beautiful girl Luna grow and learn. Alongside her, we took lessons, volunteered, and watched live streams. Luna has become a huge part of our family at the stables. She is always there to make a funny face when you’re sad, beg for treats, or make you laugh if you are nervous about trying something new. She’s always there to push you beyond your comfort zone and provide that extra little thing that you need to get through. Now that she’s here, I can’t imagine lessons without her. 

Any money donated to us or earned through the Prize Drawing will definitely go to improve mustang lives, no matter what. If all goes according to plan, the money will go towards placing a winning bid for Luna at auction. Any money leftover will go towards food and housing for Luna. If something happens to go wrong, (which it always can), and we DON’T win the bid, the money will still go to United Mustangs of America and the riding stables.

If we loose the bid, the money would still go to the daily needs of the mustangs she already has. Current needs are therapeutic devices and therapy blanket, plus a bigger horse trailer so that more of the horses can go out at a time to the beach and trails which in turn would enhance the horses livelihood. And make lessons more fun for us too!

That’s why I started paws_for_the_cause_. There, I am doing everything I can to raise enough money to buy back Luna when she goes to the EMM auction. With help from local businesses, we are going to host a Prize Drawing with several winners. Our total goal is $3,500 for Luna. Along with whatever money the other riders make, we just might have a shot at winning her back.

I think people should participate because it is a win-win situation. If you buy tickets for the prize drawing, you could win something big AND you would be helping our cause! It raises community Mustang awareness, and it makes you feel good to know that you are helping animals, and people too.”

Sincerely,                                                     Cielle Mettler

Fundraising Thermometer - CouponBirds Seedling Project

1. One month of horsemanship lessons with @mok__tv from UNITED MUSTANGS OF AMERICA. You guysssss!! This is real. (Valued at $280)

2. One Hour Massage Session from a certified therapist (Valued at $125)

3. A handcrafted pair of “Luna” earrings made by UrthnWear @urth_n_wear (Valued at $40)

4. A Lunicorn Gift Basket with stationary and fun surprises! (Valued at $15)

5. One Exterior Window Cleaning with @monarch_window_cleaning (Central Coast entries only up to $200 value).

6. Coffee Express (weblink) (Valued at $35)

7. Jamba Juice Smoothie Pack (Valued at $35)

8A. Specialty Facial with Remedy Spa @remedy_central_coast (8A -Valued at $195)

8B. Haircut from Stephenie Barba @remedy_central_coast (8B -Valued at $40)

9. One Virtual Pilates Session Group or Private with Anya @adventures_in_pilates (Valued at $25)

10. One Virtual Pilates Session Group or Private with Selena @selena.pilates @thefreckledfitgirl (Valued at $35)

11. One LashSense Mascara Kit with Lengthening Serum OR LipSense LipKit (Your Choice Valued at $55) from @marathons_and_mascara 

12. Tarafied Fitness 5 Class Pass or one Solo/Travel Session @tarafiedfitness (Valued at $50)

13. Three Scented Slimes from @lilpipsqueakslimeshop  (Valued at $15) 

14A. BEMER PEMF sessions:

14A) Session for people. ($40 Value) Please specify if you want your ticket for people or horse.

14B. BEMER PEMF sessions:

14B) Session for horses. ($40 Value) Please specify if you want your ticket for people or horse.

The Prize drawing has ended. However, you may continue to make a donation to help us reach our goal. Just follow the directions below. We thank you in advance.

Love4Luna Fundraiser ended on November 11th.

All winners will be contacted and were announced at our livestream!

"Can I donate even though the Prize Drawing has ended?"

“Yes you can! You can help us reach our goal by November 15h!”

If you would like to help us reach our goal, but not able to benefit from any of our prizes, you may submit a donation of any amount. Luna and UMA students tremendously appreciate your generosity.

To pay please proceed to Venmo (Username @pawsforthe-cause Last 4 of Phone # 2510), PayPal or Apple Pay to 805-403-0443 and be sure to reference your name and email in the payment notes.

CHECKS: If you rather donate by check, please make payment to:

Kanani Mettler (Cielle’s Mom)
880 N 1st Street
Grover Beach CA 93433
Memo: Paws for the Cause Fundraiser or Love4Luna
***Remember to also include your name and email with the payment.

Thank you for all your support!

For any questions or inquiries, please email [email protected] or call/text Kanani Mettler (805) 403-0443.


Fundraising Thermometer - CouponBirds Seedling Project

Thank you to everyone who supported us!

Thank you for all you support. Check back for updates.

Check Out Daily Interviews with Our Prize Sponsors!

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Unveiling a pair of “Luna” earrings made by UrthnWear @urth_n_wear

Cielle Interviews Tarafied Fitness.

Interview with Tina Lavrouhin, Independent BEMER distributor.

We will post progress throughout the purchase period about funds raised. Please consider following these local and virtual businesses who are supporting this great cause and show some love for Luna the #lunicorn and check our their awesome websites for more info on their services. Thank you for being neigh-borly!

Check out our YouTube channel for more about Luna. We have covered 14 Live Luna Updates since we picked her up on July 17, 2020. The competition is coming to a close and we are now awaiting judgements of our virtual class entries followed by the online auction to bid on Luna to be finalized on Nov. 15th. You are helping with the possible outcome that Luna will remain at our stables and continue to receive the love from Monica and her students.

Thank you for all your support!

For any questions or inquiries, please email [email protected] or call/text Kanani Mettler (805) 403-0443.