June 8, 2012 Taser “Yo-Yo Game” Wearing Plastic Bag (Part 3 of 4)

In this video, I am playing the “Yo-Yo Game” with Taser, which is the fourth of the seven games introduced by Parelli. This teaches the horse to go backwards and forwards and develops straightness.

Taser already knows the “Yo-Yo Game”, but for the sake of him getting used to focusing while having a plastic bag on his back, I chose to engage in it.

This version of the “Yo-Yo Game”, has four possible phases that I escalate through to get Taser to respond by moving backwards. First phase is that I wiggle my finger. If he doesn’t move, then I move to second phase, which is I wiggle my wrist. If he still isn’t moving, I go to third phase and wiggle my forearm. Last if he still doesn’t move, I wave my whole arm. Once he moves, I release and start over until he has backed up so far that I am holding the end of the rope stretched out.

To bring him back to me, I slide my hands across the rope closed around it if he is not moving, and open hands if he is.

We repeat this a few times, backwards and forwards. You notice that the second time shown that he is responding to me just waving my finger. That is the goal, well done Taser!

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