June 8, 2012 Taser “Walks on Blanket” (Part 4 of 4)

Now that we are all done with the plastic bag, Taser is still afraid of the items, such as the saddle and saddle pad, that he was wearing once they were taken off of him.

I put the saddle on the ground and the pad next to it. If a horse accepts something in his environment, he would have no trouble walking on it. So that is the game we played. Walk on the blanket.

You will see that once he gets his front feet onto the blanket, he has trouble following up with his hind feet stepping on it. He actually very carefully steps to the side of it or way over it.

To help him with this, I used a guide such as the poles laid on the ground next to it. This must have helped him visually step in line and on the blanket. We were not having much success without the poles and as soon as I incorporated them, Taser stepped on the blanket will both front and back legs.

Good job Taser! You pass all the tests! Congratulations!

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