July 16, 2012 Riding Taser

This is the first time I have gotten on Taser’s back for a ride since he had gotten frightened at the beginning of May 2012 and had scared me tremendously. He is so strong and fast that, at that time, I decided to grab onto the fence and pull myself off as we went zooming around the pen. I didn’t want to stay on to find out how he would get me off.

So since then, I have been working with him on the ground with various “Friendly Game” exercises to get him to relax around people and the saddle and such. Taking the time to do this must have worked because I felt ready to ride him today and get over my fear of doing so, and Taser is getting over his fear of people and objects that go on his back.

He is accepting of the the plastic bag on his back, which made me, the human, not appear so frightening to Taser. With this accomplishment, I felt that if he can handle that, then I would be safe up there as well. Here is the video of our progress today.

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3 thoughts on “July 16, 2012 Riding Taser

  1. Beautiful work, Monica and Taser. He definately trusts you, a testament to your skills.
    Of note: naturally, we see Instructor Troy looking on through the entire video to watch the fruits of his lesson.

  2. Taser is such a sweet boy. Glad to hear he is coming along and is well enough to continue his training. I hope he remains healthy now. Thank you for all your good work with him Monica.

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