February 16, 2012 Taser Training – Friendly Game & Porcupine Game

Today we worked on the Friendly and Porcupine Games as before. Taser and I did very nicely as we moved through the escalations of each game.

Below is a video short on how Taser performed doing the Friendly and Porcupine Game today. We are just showing you the Friendly Game on the legs and using a saddle pad. The Porcupine Game is shown moving the hind quarters and leading by the front leg.

Remember the Friendly Game teaches the horse that the tools are not harmful, that without a cue, the tools are meaningless, to stand still when being rubbed, and the rider what the limits of the horses tolerance is to stimulus.

The Porcupine Game teaches the horse to yield to physical pressure on any part of his body, in any direction. The pressure must be steady and rub friendly game both before and after. We start with the hind quarters, and then the forehand, but in this video we are only showing it done to the HQ. Then any other part of the horse’s body you can think of. You want to be able to push the head down, pick up the feet, lead the horse with a horse around a foot so the horse will yield to barbwire, or hobbles.

The purpose of showing you these videos is not to teach you how to do these exercises as there is no way to substitute for having an in person instructor; we are sharing because we want to show you that you can do this on your own and it can be done safely even if you are learning how to do all these things for the first time like myself. Additionally, that it is okay to make mistakes (we learn from our mistakes), as long as, you have a qualified trainer to aid you in your development.

If you would like to learn more about the 7 Games, please visit the Parelli website for more information. Keep in mind we are practicing a refined version of the games as in structed by Robin Shen.

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