1st Enlightened Horsemanship Training Lesson with Taser (February 5, 2012)

A.W.H.A. has entrusted us with their ambassador mustang, Taser, who represents (to the general public) the unique qualities of the few remaining wild horses. As arranged, an expert horse trainer will be guiding us on the development of Taser in becoming a public service horse as intended.

Monica Krause, founder of United Mustangs of America, has made it her goal with Taser to learn as much from her teacher, Robin Shen of Enlightened Horsemanship, as possible. This will then enable her to teach others and train mustangs on her own. The process of training the mustangs in conjunction with teaching her students how to train and ride them is her dream.

Taser has been living with us for 5 days at this point. For now he has his own pen separate from our other two horses. Juno, Monica’s bay mustang adopted in 2006, and Troy, her husband Matthew’s Appendix Quarter horse, both live in a 7 acre pasture adjacent to Taser’s pen. When Taser becomes catch-able, he will be living with the other 2 horses in the open hillside.

Who should read this.

If you fall in the categories of those who like mustangs, want to adopt one, curious on how to gentle/train one, or just like horses and mustang stories, then you belong here. We are excited to share our documentations with you.

Getting Started.

In our first video below, Robin Shen is giving instruction on how to play the “Catching Game” (invented by Robin) and the “Friendly Game” with Taser. The “Catching Game” teaches the horse that there is an “off switch”, which results in the horse coming to you when pressure is applied. The “Friendly Game” (inspired by Parelli) teaches the horse that the tools are not harmful; that without a cue, the tools are meaningless. Also to teach the rider what the limits of the horses tolerance is to stimulus.


Keep in mind that this is an extremely shortened version of the actual lesson given. This video is by no means a substitute for having a lesson in person, with a qualified trainer and with mustangs who are in fact the “real” teachers. Not all men and horses are created equal.  We only share with you as inspiration for you to embark on your own journey in having success with a mustang you either own or want to adopt.

Watch for our next post where you will see Monica Krause try the exercises for the first time with Taser. She has 23 years of horse experience under her belt, but only one lesson in Enlightened Horsemanship demonstrated in the clip above. Click here to see how she does with Taser.






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