April 17, 2012 – Monica working with Taser on all 7 Games, plus Catching Game

For this weeks video production, I was fortunate enough to have a professional videographer who came out to film me working with Taser. I have to say this is the best video yet!

Taser has been under training at our place for about two and a half months now. We just learned from our expert trainer, Robin, the final 2 of the seven games, called Sideways and Squeeze.

The Sideways game is done combining the commands established with the horse during the first five games. This game asks the horse to walk sideways on the fence and the rider gains an intimate understanding of the value of release. There is a possibility to be kicked here if not communicating properly or previous games have not been well established.

Squeeze Game sends the horse through a tight space calmly and quietly. This game is good to practice as it preps for trailer loading and going through barns, gates and such.

The Sideways and Squeeze Games are done as a combo. The horse will be walking sideways on the fence and then ushered between the handler and the fence for the squeeze changing directions.

In the video below, Taser will work through all 7 games starting with Catching Game (which is game zero). It is a joy to see how far he has come since arriving on February 1st this year. Additionally, I must not forget how far I have come as well in learning the games.

Enjoy! Please leave your questions, comments and feedback. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “April 17, 2012 – Monica working with Taser on all 7 Games, plus Catching Game

  1. I am new to this site and would love to learn more about what you are doing in each game. Could you add a voice over or use natural sounds to show what is happening? You are doing such great work!

    1. It is not my purpose to be a teacher here or show you a how to. I am merely posting these videos and sharing my story about training Taser as inspiration to others who want to do the same; train a mustang. If you would like more information on the games, just go to the Parelli website. They are the founders of “natural horsemanship”. Hope that helps and thank you for your feedback.

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