May 19, 2018: Tack Clinic… Do you know your equipment?

Dear Equestrians,

I want to ask you a few questions… What is Horsemanship? What is a snaffle bit? What is a saddle for?

If you are answering any of these questions with any uncertainty, I have a solution for you!

Before you ride, know your tack.

I have been riding horses since 1989. Upon going to various events, and seeing lots of riders, it upsets me how much that people do not seem to know their equipment. Much less their horses, but that’s another story. So let’s just start with the tack.

Control or Communication?

Which statement sounds better to you?… “I use my equipment to communicate to my horse.” “I use my equipment to control me horse.”

Too often do I see riders misusing their equipment. How? It all boils down to the rider thinking that getting a new bit, tie down, spurs, etc. to use on their horse will fix an unwanted behavior. If this is you, it’s not your fault.

I want you to know that the truth is that your equipment should never replace your horsemanship, but rather enhance it. That is why they are called “aids”. Aids in communication with your horse.


You can have a wonderful communication tool and either know how to use it correctly or incorrectly. It all starts with your mindset. The tool is not going to fix your poor seat and bad hands, you need to take control of yourself, not the horse.

Let me help you…

I am making myself available on May 13th, 2018 at our Arroyo Grande Education Center from 10:00am-1:30pm, dedicated to showing proper horse handling with the uses of your equipment.

I challenge you to be humble, stop making excuses and own up to your lack of knowledge and skill. There will be no more relying on equipment to “fix” your horse. If you accept my challenge, then please save this date and time.

To sign up, please call or text 805.709.4663. Or email me at

It is time to get serious about your passion.

(Clinic $75.00 participants, $35.00 auditors)

I look forward to helping you and your horse enjoy happy partnership.


Monica O. Krause