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United Mustangs of America is dedicated to the well-being of our wild horses. Those who remain in the wild, and those who are captured in government holding facilities. No one alone is as good as the many who join as one. Horses are suffering now and populations are diminishing. Let's find ways, share and collaborate on this topic here.

QUIZ: The Horses’ Gaits

United Mustangs Equestrian School

Adopt a living legend. Lead by example. Educate yourself, then train your own mustang.

QUIZ: The Horses’ Gaits

Equestrian School Online Quizzes

Students click here for study material and quizzes.

QUIZ: The Horses’ Gaits

Fall In LOVE with Our Mustangs Adoption

Join us October 3, 2015! Ten mustang horses will be up for adoption.

QUIZ: The Horses’ Gaits

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United Mustangs of America!

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21st May 2014


QUIZ: The Horses’ Gaits


07th May 2014


Directory of Mustang Programs & Adoption by State

Here is our evolving list for those of you who are looking for mustangs to adopt or places to...

American Mustang 3D Review – Paso Robles Showing March 6th 2014

Last night, I was delighted to attend a special viewing of American Mustang 3D in Paso Robles, CA. What...


29th Jan 2013


STUDY GUIDE FOR QUIZ: Decoding the BLM Freeze Mark Symbols & Numerals

Below is a photograph of a card I picked up at the BLM mustang auction in Redlands, CA earlier...

(January 12th, 2013) A Documentation of the BLM Adoption day in Redlands, CA

About the adoption event Every second Saturday of the month, from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M., throughout the year, the BLM...

Aug 21 2012 TTouches with Taser

Taser needs to be comfortable with being touched all over and relaxed before working with him in the playground...

Teaching Taser to Self-Load in the Trailer (Aug 14 2012)

Today Taser learns how to self load into the trailer. I want to be able to stand outside of...

August 8, 2012 Taser’s Solo Neighborhood Walk

  This is the first time that Taser, A.W.H.A.‘s project mustang, has taken a venture out into the neighborhood...

We Unite as One

A picture is worth a thousand words. We have found Puscifer’s song “The Humbling River” a perfect fit to...

July 20 2012 Riding Taser Without Assistance

In this video I ride Taser for the first time without anyone leading him or assisting in anyway. First,...