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Watch the incredible bond that develops between man and horse as the Mantle Family and Mustang Maddy work with horses and burros off the range preparing them for adoption.

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So incredibly proud of Django and all he has overcome! <3 I knew when I first saw him he was going to have something beautiful to offer! Training Django the way that I did was a huge test for my "liberty start" method I used with starting Amira. I have replicated the process on domestically bred young horses, starting them undersaddle, but this was the first time it was put to the test on a rehab case. I am excited to announce that it was successful in rehabilitating Django and giving him the skills he needed to thrive. For those of you interested in learning more, I did video the entire process. Here is a link with more information: django.mustangmaddy.com/enrollnow Special thank you to Jennifer Grais for her beautiful song, "A Good Day."

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