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United Mustangs Equestrian School Fundraiser

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We need your help in raising funds for our new equestrian school. We need to upgrade our facility to make it a safe and stimulating learning environment for our students. Once we have a safe and proper learning environment, we can then carry out our mission of creating homes for mustangs. It is our goal to […]

U.M.A. Mustangs

Mustang Juno

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Juno, a bay 6 year old mare, became part of our family in December 2006 when we brought her home from the BLM in Ridgecrest in California. Before owning Juno, my English trained Thoroughbred show horse who we had to put down due to a broken leg at the age of 26 a month before […]

A.W.H.A. Project Mustang Story

Meet Taser, America’s Wild Horse Advocates Project Mustang

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Welcome Taser! We are overjoyed to receive America’s Wild Horse Advocates‘ project mustang to develop from wild mustang to Public Service horse.  His name is Taser, and this gelding is our first to document. Background. Taser was born in 2005 on the Tule Lake wild horse range in northern California. He was chosen by expert trainers for his size and temperament. Since […]